Waubun, Minnesota U.S.A.
The Refshaw's
 Our ranch started with the purchase of 12 bred ewes in February of 2006.  When Jeremy was a very young lad he went to Iowa to visit his great aunt.  The neighbors had sheep and he helped feed the baby lambs.  The experience stayed with him, Jeremy raised commercial sheep in high school and began shearing at the age of 15.  We were married in 2004 and when we purchased our home with acreage he decided Polpays it would be.  We have built our flock up by keeping back most of our ewe lambs.  We are now able to offer quality breeding stock, whether it be rams, ewe lambs, or starter flock packages we want to improve your productivity and bottom line.
 Stop on in
We have two young children; our oldest is a son who likes to help dad with chores and loves weaning and weighing lambs with the new working shoot. In July of 2009 we were blessed with a daughter. Jeremy stays at home with the children and works seasonally for area farmers.  Renita is employed at the USDA Farm Service Agency in Mahnomen and enjoys helping with the sheep, as they are much easier to work with as compared to the beef cattle she grew up with.
We encourage you to give us a call and stop by to see our operation if you are in the area. We usually have coffee and cookies on hand!