Waubun, Minnesota U.S.A.

Flock Information
  • Refshaw Ranch participates in NSIP/National Sheep Improvement Program providing concrete production data on maternal traits
  • Selection based on Maternal/Wool Index which includes selection for Milk, Weaning Weight and Number of Lambs Weaned
  • All rams are tested for Scrapie Resistance  
  • We offer customized selection and starter flock packages
  • Delivery(fee may be charged)
  • Breeding stock selection based on both NSIP data and Polypay breed standards
  • Since 2008 we only bring in sires as needed 
  • Scrotal measurements are available for sale rams
  • Semen testing available at buyers expense

Refshaw Ranch Current Sire Line Up for 2015 

Reference Sires

Composite Breed Make Up
Finnsheep - high prolificacy, early puberty and short gestation
Rambouillet - outstanding strains of productive widely adapted and hardy
Targhee - superior fleece quality, large body size and long breeding season
Dorset - superior mothering ability, carcass quality, early puberty and long breeding season 

Flock Health - Bio-Security
Sanitation and Husbandry
 - B Ovis tests on all rams brought into flock
 - Participate in the Voluntary Scrapie Program 
 - We take FEC samples for worm resistance on ewe lambs
 - Confine new rams for 4 weeks
 - We have plastic boots available or bleach boot bath for onsite visitors
 - OPP test negative 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 did not test, 2020
All rams over 6 months of age come with a 60 day guarantee to be  breeders.  We cannot extend this guarantee beyond 60 days as we have no control over what happens to the ram once it leaves our ranch.  We have allowed the 60 days to give ample time for isolation.  If you believe a ram that you have purchased from us is sterile please contact us using the contact us tab on this website.  We will ask that you have your vet complete a semen test and simply mail us the results.  Once test results are verified we will notify you to take the ram to your local sale barn and sell it in our name "Jeremy Refshaw".  We will replace the ram with one of similar value and age as at the time of purchase.  All rams that are semen tested are not included in this guarantee.